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Social Impact essays

Social Impact articles It is difficult to consider the social and logical ramifications of the quantumizing' of religion and scien...

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Social Impact essays

Social Impact articles It is difficult to consider the social and logical ramifications of the quantumizing' of religion and science without putting that union into in any event an ongoing point of view. The occasions of September 11, 2001, can That day, it turned out to be certain that all the alleged partitions between countries, people groups and convictions could be punctured by a gathering of radicals, rambling mottos however essentially untutored in the new real factors. The criminals slammed the embodiment of human development with the encapsulation of human travel, and evoked the exemplification of pre-current reaction to everything from a legislature unconscious that for the vast majority, thoughts of domain, possession in the old sense, and the Christian request were all breaking down. This occasion, composed British humanist Zygmunt Bauman in the new-age diary, Tikkun, fits the job of the representative end to the period of room superior to some other occasion in late memory. (Bauman, 2002) The occasion itself was grounded in old thoughts of countries, one supported by God over others, and such pre-magical real factors. The U.S. government reaction to it was grounded in a similar spot, and the masses, by and enormous, remained behind it. However, after a year, when that counterfeit partition between people groups was indeed pulled out and waved as a flag when the U.S. attacked Iraq, there had just been an ocean change of well known idea, furthermore, blue bird bearing signs against the attack grew on vehicles and yards across the country. Out of nowhere, individuals knew that executing one individual to retaliate for another negated the thoughts of solidarity they were getting from both science furthermore, religion; they understood that religion and science both saw all nature as one, regardless of whether they don't knew anything deliberately about quantum material science (science) or transcendentalism (religion.) In transcendentalism, this is an essential proclamation: As above, so beneath: As inside, so without. This is similar to Einste... <!

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Communication Techniques-Sports Commentary Essay

In sports broadcasting, a games pundit gives a running discourse, in actuality, or continuous about a game. As a rule, this is finished during a live communicate on TV. The communicate is ordinarily a voiceover and the primary reporter is once in a while observed on screen if by any stretch of the imagination. In American English, other basic terms for a games observer are commentator and sportscaster. In fact, a sportscaster may simply allude to a commentator covering the most recent news about games. Kinds of Sport Broadcasters Play-by-play hosts are the essential speakers, esteemed for their articulateness and for their capacity to depict the occasions of a regularly quick moving challenge. Shading analysts, which fill in as partners to the essential speakers are esteemed for understanding and knowledge into the game, and are frequently posed inquiries by the in depth commentator to give them a point for investigation. The last frequently have picked up their involvement with the game as a player or mentor, while the previous is bound to be an expert communicated columnist than a member in the game. The more typical organization is to utilize the two kinds of reporters so as to give a superior adjusted encounter to the crowd. For instance, NBC Sunday Night Football in the United States, which Cris Collinsworth, a previous American football recipient, and Al Michaels, an expert host declare for. In the United Kingdom anyway there is a significantly less unmistakable division between in depth and shading editorial, albeit two-man critique groups as a rule highlight an aficionado with formal journalistic preparing yet practically zero serious experience driving the discourse, and a specialist previous (or current) contender catching up with investigation or synopsis. There are, be that as it may, special cases to this. For instance, the entirety of the United Kingdom’s significant cricket and snooker pundits are previous experts in their games, while the unbelievable Formula One hustling reporter Murray Walker had no formal journalistic preparing and just restricted dashing experience of his own. Another contrast between the two kinds is that shading pundits will for the most part report just a game in which they played or trained, while in depth commentators, for example, Michaels and David Coleman in the UK, may have vocations in which they declare a few distinct games one after another or another.

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Evolutionary Psychology Essay Example for Free

Developmental Psychology Essay Similarly as in the previous a splendid researcher and scientist William Harvey had the option to discover the way that the heart is liable for siphoning blood through the human body, therapists of today have had the option to discover and to demonstrate the way that ‘cognition’ has a specific and explicit structure. These clinicians are known as ‘evolutionary psychologists’, and it is this group of specialists that have glided the hypothesis that subjective structure, as physiological structure, has followed, as the centuries progressed, the extremely significant procedure of regular choice. This was the manner by which it has had the option to endure and take part in multiplication as the years progressed. What precisely is developmental brain science? It is a science that centers around finding the developed procedure of the sensory systems of people, bringing into center the way that the human cerebrum is a totally sorted out structure, much the same as tissues in any living life form are completely composed. As such, it is the assessment of developmental therapists that the human mind is made out of a few utilitarian parts, made to encourage the endurance and the propagation of that specific life form. In this manner, this can be interpreted as meaning that the human cerebrum isn't an organ with one single capacity, yet rather as a living being comprised of countless completely working parts. As a rule, transformative clinicians allude to the practical parts of life forms as ‘adaptations’, and this is the term applied to the elements of the human cerebrum also. (Hagen, Edward 2004) It is apparent in this manner that transformative brain science alludes to a specific way to deal with brain science, which utilizes the acknowledged standards of developmental science to inquire about the structure and the operations of the human psyche. It very well may be portrayed as a methodology, or a perspective, which can be applied to any subject inside it. (Cosmides, Leda, Tooby, John 1997) What are the essential exercises of developmental clinicians? Charles Darwin had this to state, in the year 1859, â€Å"In the far off future, I see open fields for undeniably progressively significant looks into. Brain research will be founded on another establishment, that of the vital procurement of each psychological force and limit by degree. † Darwin had anticipated the advances that would be made in the field of brain research later on, and the study of transformative brain science was one of his forecasts that worked out as expected. As referenced before, developmental points of view on human brain science are a piece of the bigger hypothesis of general determination, and this field has prompted more prominent logical progressions in regions like sociobiology and ethnobotany, among others. Developmental clinicians need to discover answers to questions, for example, how, why and when did human cognizance advance, are there any contrasts between the brain science of people, and assuming this is the case, what right? Are there any contrasts between the brain research projects of different races and ethnicities? Are there are versatile clarifications for human practices, for example, forcefulness, recklessness, etc? Is it genuine that human cognizance is developing today, as it has been consistently in the course of the last hundreds and thousands of years? Is it genuine that human knowledge is acquired, and is it at all in any capacity affected by one’s condition? Can the hypotheses of developmental brain science precisely depict and clarify the purposes for the basic fears among individuals? One must recollect anyway that few sociologists, anthropologists and clinicians are totally careful about utilizing and understanding the new transformative point of view on human cerebrums and practices, maybe in light of the fact that as they would see it, developmental analysts would in general adjust hypotheses from the creature world and apply them to people, and furthermore, would in general sum up the standards of advancement in an excessively sensational manner. (Transformative Psychology 2003) these are the essential of developmental brain science hypothesis: Darwin’s ‘descent with modification’ hypothesis, Hamilton’s ‘inclusive fitness’ hypothesis, Maynard Smith’s ‘game theory’, and Trivers’ ‘optimization’ hypothesis. Take for instance the hypothesis of ‘inclusive fitness’. This is additionally alluded to as ‘kin selection’, and along these lines shapes a significant component of transformative brain research. Kinfolk determination clarifies away the reality of selflessness and charity, by expressing that all qualities are perpetually ‘selfish’, and that an individual is in all actuality only a gene’s ‘survival machine’. By the by, since a quality would naturally be given to the people to come, if the individual who is conveying that quality makes due so as to duplicate, or regardless of whether any of the few different family members of the enduring individual endure and repeat, in this manner giving the quality to the people to come. As per Maynard Smith, this might be the motivation behind why a lapwing will counterfeit being harmed so as to bait a ruthless bird of prey away from its posterity, accordingly acting in a benevolent way towards its young. This kind of charitableness may likewise profit non-family members, since the individuals from similar species will assist take with minding of the adolescents of the species, regardless of whether they are not related at all. The motivation behind why this happens might be a result of the way that the advanced component may not be adequately intricate to make fine separations of this sort. This might be the reason a few people like to deal with pets, while some don't. The individuals who do have pets are truth be told permitting their caretaking instrument to be misused. Developmental brain research has additionally been applied into another significant are: hostility of the individual. Sexual contention regularly prompts conspicuous animosity, and most vicious passings are brought about by man murdering another man, or man slaughtering a lady for the sake of sexual strain and competition. In such a case, viciousness might be taken to allude to be only one system in the plenty of male coercive apparatuses, intimidation being the immediate consequence of sexual ownership and possessiveness. Men who permit themselves to be cuckolded would then be viewed as failures of the lose-lose transformative game that people play in their craving to ensure that their qualities get into the people to come. Men use viciousness as a device to stop and keep their mates from explicitly captivating with other men, in light of the fact that in spite of the fact that maternity is constantly guaranteed, paternity may not be demonstrated. It is this equivalent rule that works on account of step-kids and their assenting fathers. These dads have no enthusiasm for their progression kids, since they are not conveying their qualities onto the people to come, and supporting another man’s kid may imply that this man is working contrary to his transformative advantages. History can demonstrate to man that by and large, advance dads enjoy more noteworthy savagery and hostility towards their progression kids than towards their natural kids, the essential explanation being that of guaranteeing that his qualities are conveyed forward, and not another man’s. (Transformative Psychology 1998) According to developmental therapists, there is an absence of fit between the present condition and the adjustment of the mind. As they would like to think, in the event that the cerebrum is an adjustment, at that point there could be no uncertainty that sooner or later back in time, there existed a type of choice for mind components, which as a result changed data about condition and its conditions, into human practices that could adjust and change as per the prerequisites of the circumstance and condition. Choice, anyway occurred as a result of the way wherein they reacted to the earth at the time where they were chosen. Accordingly, this hypothesis can be taken to infer that in light of the fact that natural conditions are distinctive today, the data that is contribution to the mind is diverse also, and as an immediate outcome, the cerebrum may react by producing conduct that may not be versatile to the new conditions in which it gets itself. Inability to adjust may happen in two different ways: either the mind could keep on creating the equivalent more seasoned conduct under the more current conditions given, or the cerebrum could deliver new conduct that reacted to the new data coming in, and the conduct could neglect to be of the versatile sort. This is in truth a somewhat normal standard of conduct, and when conditions change, the reaction gets unique in relation to what the originators planned, as for instance, as exhibited by advanced PC programs, intended to play out an assortment of muddled assignments, are additionally customized to deliver versatile yields as an immediate reaction to certain key orders. Simultaneously, another info could confound the PC and brief it into giving a totally strange and non-versatile yield accordingly. In people, as transformative therapists speculate, there is set up an advanced conduct inclination to ensure that regenerative achievement is consistently at its most significant level, yet this conflates the hypothesis that the human cerebrum was planned through a procedure of choice, as referenced prior. (Buller J David n. d)

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4 Reasons to Visit a College Website

HomePlanCollege Search4 Reasons to Visit a College WebsiteThis page may contain affiliate links.Dec 31, 2019 My first job out of college was working as a research associate for a universitys business school. My boss was an economist with a PhD and liked to tell about her first visit to a dog race track. She had studied all the stats for the dogs in the upcoming race, made her bet, and then returned to the stands meeting her friend. Her friend asked which dog she bet on and when my boss told her, the friend responded that she thought it wasnt a very good bet. Of course, my boss started going into all the numbers and why it only made sense to bet on that particular dog. The friend finally interrupted and pointed, but the dog is limping. What does this have to do with applying to college? As much as I am a believer in using numbers to compare colleges, you still really need to look at the individual colleges and see if anyone is limping. And by limping, Im referring to issues that are important to you. Something that you may consider a red flag, others may believe to be a positive.. I think the numbers such as the Common Data Set, and graduation rates, and financial aid should set a minimum threshold. Once you have a list of colleges that meet the minimum data requirements, you really need to start visiting college websites as the next step in your research. There are things that youll find on a college website that wont show up in any college rankings, and may not even come up during college visits. What to Look For on a College Website 1) Net Price Calculator Net Price Calculators (NPC) are probably the most important tools families have in deciding where to go to college. Colleges are legally required to have NPCs and they are the closest students will get to knowing what kind of financial aid to expect without actually submitting the FAFSA. There are several attempts to allow students to get the results from multiple colleges NPCs at once, but not all schools are cooperating. Makes you wonder why, doesnt it? Even if families are able to get estimated average net costs at just one website, its still a good idea to visit individual college websites and take a look at their NPCs Why? Because not all NPCs are the same. Thefederal templateis especially limited for families with incomes over $110,000. Another problem is that some calculators are not using the most recent data available. By visiting the college website, you can see which calculator is being used and have a better idea of its accuracy. 2) Course Schedule College rankings and search engines will usually providestudent/faculty ratios. Some will even list the percentage of classes by size which is better but still has its problems. Only by visiting the college websites can you find out what classes are actually being offered each semester and their size. The course schedule will show which departments have large upper-division classes and which have the most closed courses. When you start finding 8:00 am courses closed, you should start asking questions about how many students are graduating on time. The course schedule is also a good place to see who is actually teaching the classes. If a college appeals to you because of specific faculty members, then take the time to see what theyre actually teaching and your chances of getting into the class. 3) Campus Newspaper If you want to find out what the students on campus are complaining about, theres no better place to start than the campus paper. If nothing else, the paper should be covering whatever the student government is up to. This usually will be a good representation of the student concerns to the administration. Pay attention to the opinion or editorial pages to see what is getting students blood boiling. Even if the paper comes out only every week or so, you can still go through back issues to see what has been happening on campus. 4) Career Center Whether or not you believe that college is about creating better human beings or career preparation, the fact is that once students graduate, theyll need to find jobs. Visiting the colleges career center can give you a sense of the programs available to help students in their job search. Some schools offer certification programs in job related skills. Some colleges require students to complete internships as part of the graduation requirements. Given the role that the internet plays today in the job market, college career centers should have a definite place on the schools website. Once you get they lay of the land from the college website, you can then take it a step further and decide whether or not an in-person campus visit is in order. If the information from the online visit has provided enough information for your student in order to rule out the school, consider yourself lucky. Youve saved yourself some time and money, and you can now move on to the next school.

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Examining the process of making a business decision - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 9 Words: 2737 Downloads: 8 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Business Essay Type Narrative essay Did you like this example? Business researches play and important part in the decision making process for any organization, decisions which are made without involving the right reaches and found to have less effectiveness then the decisions which are made with the involvement of the exploration of and availability of the information. For the research to be made accurate and the collection of the right pieces of information, it is very important to understand different data collection methods and data analysis methods. Choosing the right data collection and analysis methods enables the researcher to provide the company with correct information for the sake of decision making. Without choosing the right methods and tools the authenticity of the research and information becomes questionable, therefore it is very important for the organizations and researchers to make sure that their business researchers are using the right methods according to the needs of the business. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Examining the process of making a business decision" essay for you Create order In the lines below I have discussed different data collection and analysis methods which can be used in business research, I have choose a leading retail brand for this purpose and I will design the data collection and analysis methods keeping in mind that we have to explore the customer satisfaction and loyalty with the brand through the marketing research, which is going to be a qualitative research. By doing this we shall see that what are the available methods of data collection and data analysis and how one of these methods best suits the requirements of our research study. This will enable us to explore the current practices in detail and then see the practical implication of these tools. Data Collection Methods Secondary Data Secondary data is used when researcher wants to know the current and previous developments already been done on the topic or subject that they are studying at that point in time. Secondary data can be found in the previous researches on the topic from the reviewing the literature, doing the internet research and looking at the work of the different commentators and practitioners. Secondary data provide the basis to the researcher upon which the researcher makes the building blocks of his/her own research. Sometimes secondary data provides the researcher with some important links and useful information that they can use their own research and develop further(Eriksson and Kovalainen, 2008). Primary Data Primary data is a kind of data that is collected first handedly and by the researchers at the time of research; such data is not collected by any other researcher. In business and marketing researches primary data collection is widely used, research departments of the companies base their research on primary data because they want to collect the lasts and customized information on the subject as well as for the problem in hand (Easterby-Smith et al., 2008). As we have stated earlier that our research would be looking after the customer loyalty and level of the customer service from the customers of a retail chain, then it would be advisable that primary data should be collect from the customers. Below I have presented the various data collection methods that are used in collection of primary data (Saunders et al., 2009). Questionnaire Questionnaires are one of the widely used methods in the collection of primary data, this methods is used in various types of social, business and marketing researches. This method provides the researcher with the flexibility of time and resources as number of participants can participate in the research and researcher can get the feedback and required information from the subjects in less time and cost. For this research, as the customers of the chain are involved, I have suggested the use of questionnaire methods of data collection so that more information can be taken from the customers of the chain store, and more number of customers can participate in the research (Coolican, 1994). Self Administered Questionnaires Self administered questionnaires are one the types that is used when questionnaire method of data collection is used. In this method the researcher or data collector presents the questionnaire to the participant the then the participant fill in the information and gives. This methodology can also be used in e-mail or mail questionnaire and also for the one-to-one data collection (Easterby-Smith et al., 2008). One the advantage of this methodology is that it saves time and cost of the data collection. As this method supports the email and mail delivery, more persons can be contacted at one time and they can provide information, when used in one-to-one research, this can also save time of the researcher for the collection of data (Easterby-Smith et al., 2008). Interviewer Administered Questionnaire The second form of questionnaires is interviewer administered, where the data collectors have a designed questionnaire with them but they do not hand over these questionnaires to the participant. Rather they ask the participant the relevant questions and then mark the most appropriate answers. These questionnaires are used when either the questions are complex or participants have little knowledge or they have low literacy rate. These questionnaires help the researcher to get the most accurate information and minimize the risk of misunderstand at the part of participant (Saunders et al., 2009). These kinds of questionnaires are high in terms of time required to conduct the research and cost required to have the participant give the information. Therefore these kinds of methods are not recommended when the available time and cost is less. Interviews In data collection methods, interviews are one of the most widely used technique, this technique is very effective when used for qualitative data and complex researches. For business research or marketing research where we require the customer responses in complex buying behavior, or anything related to human psychology or decision making processes is to be explored then interviews are effective in letting the researcher know about the hidden attitudes of the target subjects (Eriksson and Kovalainen, 2008). Since in our named research we are about to understand the consumer perception about loyalty and customer service then interviews also can be extremely helpful in making consumer speak up and let the researchers know about what they feel, how they feel, and why they feel and react in certain way (Easterby-Smith et al., 2008). Face-To-Face Interviews Face-to-face interviews are one of the techniques that are used when the qualitative data is to be collected. In this technique, the interviewer and the participant sit together and then interviewer starts questioning. The interviewer asks the participant about the information which is required and tries to explore the hidden patterns of their thoughts so that the required information comes out the minds and hearts of the participant. This technique is widely used when new product development is under process; this technique is expensive in terms of time and resources required. As one interviewer can contact one participant at one time therefore to get the research done, either the more time is required or more interviewers are required (Saunders et al., 2009). Telephone Interviews When the physical meeting with participant is not required then other techniques can also be used for interviews that are called telephonic interviews, in this technique the researcher calls the participant over the telephone line and if participant agrees for the interview then they can have conversation over telephone. This technique can be used when participant of the research are geographically away and their physical presence for the interview is not required. This technique has less response rate as compared to other data collection techniques but is less costly and time expensive because different data collectors can work simultaneously on the data collection part (Saunders et al., 2009). Focus Groups One of the most widely used techniques in business and marketing research under the interview section is focus groups. In this technique the researcher gathers few willing people to participate in the debate and give the information. The researcher act as the moderator and through questions among people who then discuss and provide their own feedback on the questions. The moderator encourages participant to give as much insights as they want so the accurate and relevant information can be collected (Saunders et al., 2009). Focus groups are costly in terms of time and resources required but they are highly effective in getting the insights of the customer perception and psychologically complex behavioral data. As our research would be dealing with consumer perception therefore I would suggest the we should also be using the focus groups so that we can get the insights of consumer perception (Saunders et al., 2009). Data Analysis Methods Qualitative Analysis of Data When it comes to analyzing the data then we have two kinds of data analysis techniques in place, as the data is of two kinds, qualitative and quantitative there both of data kinds have different kinds of analysis techniques. Presented below are the data analysis techniques for both kinds of data along with the advantages and disadvantages of both. I have also shared that which data analysis techniques should be used in our named research why this data analysis technique will be helpful in getting the desired results. Interviews Evaluation When the researcher uses the interview techniques for their business research then the data analysis technique choice which is with researchers is interview evaluation. In this technique the interviewer evaluates the responses by their own criteria; this technique is helpful in social researches as it provides the information which is not available in documentation format (Eriksson and Kovalainen, 2008). The drawback of this technique is that it has the error of biasness on part of, interviewee and interviewer examiner, generally called social desirability bias. However when there is no other data collection technique is used the interview evaluation is the technique that can be used for the evaluation of the interviews (Eriksson and Kovalainen, 2008). Observations Evaluation For the business research and for empirical studies observation evaluation is the techniques that is widely being used, this techniques is also useful when focus group technique of data collection is used. The researcher can evaluate the focus group by observing the responses by the participants in the research. There are expected errors of biasness on both parts like participant can hide the information in the presence of others, and researcher can show the biasness in evaluating and interpreting the research information (Easterby-Smith et al., 2008). Therefore to avoid such biasness it is recommended that researchers should have a pre defined set of responses and their corresponding results, and evaluates the responses on the basis of such pre defined response set. Quantitative Analysis of Data For the data collected in research there is another analysis technique which is called quantitative analysis of data, this data analysis technique presents the more unbiased data results as the data is presented in quantitative form. Quantitative data analysis can be used for both qualitative data as well as for quantitative data. For this researcher have to convert the qualitative data into quantitative form and then data can be analyzed by using various statistical analysis tools (Saunders et al., 2009). The drawback of such analysis is that this only presents the data analysis in numerical form and the hidden observations can be omitted that are important in some cased. More over to use this technique researcher can only go for questionnaires. Quantitative data analysis is limited when used with other data collection techniques. Below we shall see the various quantitative data analysis techniques that can be used to interpret the data collected in our named research. Measures of Central Tendency This one of the most commonly used technique in quantitative analysis of data, measures of central tendency provides the information about how data is clustered around the central point, there are different tools to measure the central tendency but three of them are most commonly used, these are Mean, Median and Mode. Among them Mean is mostly used and calculated as the sum of all the values divided by the number of values (Saunders et al., 2009). The advantage of using central tendencies is that researcher can easily have a look on the center point of the data and can calculate the average response of any kind of question, however the disadvantage of the using this technique is that, it is affected by the extreme high or low values and the overall calculation of central point is affected by the extreme values (Saunders et al., 2009). Measures of Dispersion Along with the calculation of central tendency, it is always useful to work with the measure of dispersion; this technique calculates that how much the actual values are away from their center. This technique is useful in knowing the spread of data, and shows that the how much data is spread out; standard deviation and variance are the popular tools that calculate the dispersion of the data. So it is recommended for the researchers that when they are working with the quantitative analysis of the business research then they should be having the measures of dispersion calculated. For our named research that will be measuring the customer evaluation of the customer services, I have also recommended that standard deviation and variance should be calculated. This will help us know that how many of the customers are actually differing from the result that came as result of calculation of mean of the responses (Saunders et al., 2009). Statistical Tests Another way to analyze data statistically is to apply test on it, then confirm whether the data presented and hypothesis made in the study have the significance. Statistical tests can be presented as in two king of test one being the parametric tests and other being the non-parametric tests. Parametric tests be supposed to only be used when the data gathered from a study is actually satisfying different requirements (Coolican, 1994). More particularly, there should be some interval or data, and in statistical terms, the data should be normally distributed. The variances in the two conditions should be rationally comparable. On the other hand, non-parametric tests can always continue to be used, even when the necessities of parametric tests are content. It is always handy to make the hypothesis at the start of the research study and then test that hypothesis on the basis of some statistical test (Coolican, 1994). Correlation Studies Correlation studies are important in knowing the relationship and dependency of two variables with each others. When in business researcher, if researcher wishes to understand the relationship on two independent variable, for example the advertising spend with sales, then the correlation analysis is very helpful in determining the relationship. Correlation coefficient is calculated by using statistical analysis tools and can be negative and positive as well, negative correlation shows the negative relationship and positive correlation shows the positive relationship of the variables. For our named research we shall be measure the customer perception about customer service of retail store and customer loyalty of the customers of the same store. In this kind of research measuring the correlation coefficient of the two variables, customer service and customer loyalty, will be helpful to determine whether there is any effect of customer service on customer loyalty, such relationship help the researcher to understand the cause and effect of variables (Coolican, 1994). Cross Tabulation Cross tabulation is very useful tool, presented in the statistical analysis software as well. This tool helps the researcher compare the responses of the participants if two of more variables are understudy. These responses are presented in a tabulation form that show that how many participants have responded to two variables in the particular way. For our named research I shall recommend to use this tool. As we know that in our research we shall be measuring two variables, one is customer service perception and other is customer loyalty and both variables are being calculated for the same retail chain. Therefore cross tabulation will show the researcher that how many participants have rated both of the variables high and how many participants have rated both of the variables low, this will help in determining the relationship of the variables (Coolican, 1994). Conclusion This paper presents the data collection and data analysis tools for business researches, so that business research can be made for decision effective, in this paper I have analyzed that what are the various data collection methods that are available for business researches and what are data analysis methods that are available for the researchers, I have chosen the customer services research as sample and selected the data collection and data analysis method that are appropriate as per requirement of the research.

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American Violet Critical Analysis - 1820 Words

â€Å"American Violet† Critical Analysis Ashley ReBarker SOCI 3025 Dr. Sitawa Kimuna The â€Å"American Violet† sparks up a lot of issues that we see today in our society. These issues are very important as they deal with equality among our citizens but they may often be overlooked. The issue I am going to discuss in this critical analysis is Racial Prejudice in the Criminal Justice System. Racial prejudice happens every day and may never completely end, but one would think that it would not take place in a professional, uniform place such as the Criminal Justice System. After watching this movie, I have been taken back by the actions of the people in charge of this system. The 14th Amendment states that â€Å" no state shall make or enforce any†¦show more content†¦Drug laws target people of color, push them to take the plea bargain and be forever labeled a convicted felon, and are left to live a life with fewer chances and opportunities as the white people. In my opinion, this central idea sums up what the goal was of the Criminal Justice System discussed in this movie. It was stated in the movie, â€Å"An African American man has a better chance of being charged with a crime than graduating college.† But is it because a black man actually commits more crimes than a white man or is it because a black man is monitored/targeted more? The U.S has a history of racial injustice that centuries later we have yet to break free from. While we have laws that provide equal opportunity we are still lacking a completely equal criminal justice system. The Racial Justice Program helps to protect these victims by enacting lawsuits in state and federal courts all over the country. These lawsuits help to bring more equality to these communities of color. According to ACLU, the color of someone’s skin plays a crucial role in the decision on whether who deserves the death penalty in America. Since 1976, 43% of all executions have been a person of color. Of those currently awaiting execution, blacks account for 55% (American Civi l Liberties Union, 2014). These statisticsShow MoreRelatedJazz Influence On Jazz1469 Words   |  6 Pageshas been a part of a proud African American tradition for over 100 years. A robust, rhythmic under-structure, blue notes, solos, â€Å"call-and response† patterns, and improvisation of melody all characterize jazz music.† In Jà ¼rgen Grandt’s analysis, he states that in order to use jazz to look at African American literature, the critical model must â€Å"avail itself not only of the structural characteristics of the music, but also of the history of the African American musicians who invented, shaped, andRead MoreA Good Man Is Hard to Find OConner Essay example1745 Words   |  7 PagesOConners Analysis: A Good Man is Hard To Find A Displaced Person Through her assortment of unpalatable characters and violent actions, OConnor tries to show grace at work in the world. According to her beliefs Christ, the Incarnate Son of God, has shown that God so loved the world that He became man Himself. Yet this God is not accepted by men, so they have to be shocked into a recognition of their need for Him and the salvation He offers. (MAYER, 1976) In this analysis I will explainRead MoreDilemmas Of Louis Malle And Catherine Breillat Essay1889 Words   |  8 Pagesstory of Violet, a 12-year-old girl, who is a daughter of one of the most famous prostitutes in a brothel. Violet is pretty, brutally honest, and does not know life outside the brothel. In some time, Violet s virginity is auctioned off and she is expected to become a prostitute, like her mother. However, falling in love with a photographer, who is always present in a brothel and takes picture of prostitutes, she runs away from the brothel to his house. The photographer takes care of Violet until sheRead MoreMedical Management Of Traumatic Brain Inju ries3402 Words   |  14 Pagesherniation if appropriate interventions are not made (Dawodu, 2015). Comorbidities The occurrence of a traumatic brain injury can lead to a variety of additional conditions, or comorbities, experienced by an individual. In fact, more than 5.3 million Americans are currently living with a disability from a traumatic brain injury that causes them to require assistance with activities of daily living (Tsao, 2012). Research has shown that TBI can increase long term mortality and decreases life expectancyRead MoreArchetypal Literary Criticism Essay1614 Words   |  7 Pagesacademic disciplines, social anthropology and psychoanalysis; each contributed to the literary criticism in separate ways, with the latter being a sub-branch of the critical theory† (Kharbe 327). When it comes to the symbolic language in literature, critics use archetypal Polanco 3 patterns in order to decode the meaning. The analysis of Archetypal Patterns was developed by Michael Conforti, who thoroughly researched Jung’s psychology. Archetypal patterns include the evaluation of character typesRead More The Political, Feminist, and Religious view of Frances E.W. Harper, Phllis Wheatley, and Alice Dunbar-Nelson2661 Words   |  11 Pagesauthors whose works have remained influential throughout time. Feminism, politics, and religion are three aspects evident in their personal lives an d literature. Wheatley was considered a feminist icon because she was the first published African American female poet. However, her writing did not deal with feminist issues, rather, they focussed on religious and political themes. Unlike Wheatley, Harpers femi nist views are incorporated into her work. She uses religion as a method to express her politicalRead MoreThe Different Types Of Mental Illness And Disorders That Are Linked With Violence Essay1801 Words   |  8 Pagesfeelings, or behavior (or all three) and that causes the individual distress and difficulty in functioning’ (Mental health foundation of Victoria). Psychiatrists often refer to the ‘Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders published by the American Psychiatric Press’(Association 2013). This lists known and recognized mental disorders, with breakdowns and descriptions on depression, schizophrenia-like problems, substance abuse and dependency, and childhood disorders to name a few. This has al lowedRead MoreTennessee Williams: His Life in quot;Suddenly Last Summerquot; and quot;The Glass Menageriequot;2784 Words   |  12 Pagesthe playwright as a memory play; indeed, it is a memory of the authors own youth, an expression of his own life and experiences. Similarly, Suddenly Last Summer includes many of Tennesse Williams real life details. First and foremost, this analysis is going to be focused on the families of both plays since these families are undoubtedly connected, particularly the Wingfield family, with Tennesse Willimas family. Thus, in The Glass Menagerie, Tennesse Williams is writing about his absentRead MorePoems: City Planners15330 Words   |  62 Pages amnesia, hypnosis’, which suggests control, numbness. Like Atwood’s poem, the second half of Cheng’s poem shifts into violent imagery: ‘hurt’ ‘bleed’ and ‘stain’ - to show that this ‘gleaming’ vision, when imposed by force, hurts. STRUCTURAL Analysis THEME - IMAGERY - LANGUAGE TECHNIQUES Atwood uses an irregular structure, which gives the effect that ideas, and flow, are forcibly cut short, as where she breaks the sentence ‘what offends us is / the sanities’. Cleanliness here seems almost antisepticRead MoreChallenges in Recruitment and Selection Practices4510 Words   |  19 Pagesorganizations if better qualified and highly motivated but young people are promoted to higher levels of responsibility. Palmer, (1997) argues that the government after establishing the necessary frame work for the management of strategic organization, violets the same rule it has made to regulate social relations at work sometimes through irregular employment, and also through political interference from political office holders, thus quota system as instrument of employment is questionable as it sometimes

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Sponsor Hospitality The Implications For Tourism

Question: Describe about the Sponsor Hospitality At The Olympic Games for An Analysis Of The Implications For Tourism? Answer: Promotional Plan: Considering the view of Cooper (2011), a promotional plan is measured as an effective planning tool by the most business managers while successfully launching a new product or service into the new market place. It is a strategy used by the company to promote new product or services. The different types of promotional activities: The different types of promotional activities include Advertising, Publicity, Sales Promotion, Trade Promotion, Free gift, and Campaigns etc. Promotional strategies of Collette travel: Advertising through digital media can be one of the best promotional strategies for Collette travel. The travel company would use banner space on the major search engines like Google. The catchy and attractive banner space would help to attract the people. Davis (2013) recognized that the Pay per Click method used by the banner space makes the economical cost also. The proper use of blogs creates a community to link the people indirectly in the promotion activity. The peoples across the globe would get updated messages and information from the company. The PR (PUBLIC RELTIONSHIP) expert of the Collette delivers the content of the website so lucrative so that, it can attain the customer attraction. Hence, it helps to enhance the brand exposure. Price Strategy: In the opinion of Middleton (2009), pricing strategy is an optimum price of the product and service that satisfies the market conditions, customer demand, competitors action and economic trend of the company. The role of the price in the marketing mix: Price helps to generate sales revenue of the company. Price is determined as per the customers perceive nature. Importance of price in the marketing mix: After researching on consumer Svensson et al. (2009) revealed that price is important as it indicates the customers purchasing behaviour and the payment nature after judging the product as per the requirement. Pricing Strategy for Collette travel: Collette follows a divisional pricing strategy based on the different currency conversion of the different country. The UK based company uses this effective strategy as per the conversion of pound in order to change the different currency conversion (Hacking and Campany, 2012). This kind of diverse process attracts the different group of customers from different corner of the globe. Example of pricing strategy and its importance in Collette travel: As for example supported by Davis (2013), the difference between Indian currency and the UK currency is huge so the company, Collette minimizes its rate for Indian customers while calculating the rupees into pound. This process helps Collette to grab the Indian customers. Thus, the effective pricing strategy helps to attract the customer base. SWOT Analysis and its importance: The SWOT analysis is helpful in determining the strength, opportunities, weakness and threats of a business. In the words of Xiao and Smith (2006), SWOT analysis could identify the demand of the cross cultural mass and its impact on the tourism services provided by the firm. It has been identified that with the change of geographical regions, the cultural diversity fluctuates. This, in turn, significantly impacts on the customer readiness to accept a specific service offered by the tourism organisations. This scenario becomes more crucial in the international tourism planning, as several threats such as tourism planning, hospitality degree and pricing strategy inequality might arrive by the end of the host country market leaders (Dwyer et al. 2006). Hence, overcoming threats and utilising opportunity could become feasible by employing the SWOT model. Furthermore, the critical challenge can be met at the international platform. SWOT analysis could guide the tourism firm streamlining i ts operations so that customer loyalty can be managed in both national and international platforms (Snyder, 2007). Based on the SWOT analysis, the firm can understand its current opportunities and threats in the host country it is opting for. SWOT Analysis of Collette: Strength: The effective diverse pricing strategy to attract a big customer segment is the strength of the company. Weakness: The monotonous customer service is the prime weakness of the Collette. Opportunities: To organize more events for entertaining the potential existing customer segment is the best opportunities of the company. Threats: The rival group of Collette attracts the customer group by offering more discounts and good services. So it increases the tendency of the existing customer of the company to move with other tourism company rather than Collette. Boston matrix and its usability: Boston Matrix is considered as the informal marketing tool used for analysing product portfolio across the international business environment. The degree of market share and market growth also help the marketers identifying which product category could be best used for maximising the profitability of the firm (Dodd et al. 2006). According to this matrix, market share and growth can be analysed using four categories dogs, cash cows, question marks and stars. Star represents the perfect combination of a firm that is a high market share in a higher growing industry. On the other hand, dogs represent a low market share in a low market growth problem. Cash cows enjoy a high market share in a low growing market. Applicability of BCG matrix on Collette: The Collette Worldwide provides special offers to its tourists by creating diversified tour guidance in all geographical locations. It is offering Continental tourism guides and the most attractive part is Antarctica adventure, which could catch millions of eyes of the customers (www.gocollette.com, 2016). Starting from the initial the firm has been successfully serving the global clients by creating marginal profit, in order to make the tourists satisfied enough with their services. Hence, this segment could become Star portfolio to the firm Collette. On the other hand, Collette offers special pricing discounts such as saving up to $300 in the continental tour package, $1000 savings on the European tour packages, etc. (www.gocollette.com, 2016). Additionally, Collette offers customised pricing strategy depending on the tour requirement of the global tourists. This segment could be promoted as Cash Cow, as a lower pricing strategy could generate higher profit margins in all types of economic zones, without investing more on the strategic operations. On the contrary, the Nature Wonder Tourism Planner of Collette can be considered as Dogs, as it is a common feature that the tourists come across varied regions to enjoy the natural wildness and its beauty. Hence, nothing has been found has been found different and innovation in this segment (Cuccia and Cellini, 2007). Thus, this segment could provide low growth in low market share. Finally, the degree of accommodation, international food offerings, music, entertainments, etc. have been found the initial offerings of Collette and till now it is providing adequate profit margins in the global operations as well. Thus, the positioning of this segment can be treated as Question in the BCG matrix. Diversification: Product diversification helps business entities in creating higher business opportunities through the additional market potential of its existing product (Schmidgall et al. 2007). Diversified tourism packages, segregation on the adventure tourism, thrilling tour experience, from Collette can be termed as the diversified tour package offerings. This could help travel and tourism firms generating higher brand exposure in the global market. Product life cycle: The product life cycle is termed as a process, through which each product undergoes a cyclic phase starting from introduction, continuing with growth, maturity and finally the decline stage (Schildt and Mattsson, 2006). It has been observed that the maturity stage of the cycle, each product reaches the peak of the growth, which is immediately followed by the declination stage (Rogerson and Rogerson, 2011). Product life cycle of Collette: At the initial business stage, Collette started business with the music events, customised accommodation and international food offerings along with the nature wonder tourism packages. Within a frequent time span, the firm has achieved its growth stage and even reached the maturity stage also (Brown, 2007). While existing in the maturity stage, the firm Collette has experienced a significant decline in its existing service offerings, due to the introduction of diversified tourism planning and guide along with the customised pricing to its global customers. Those services are now leading the maturity position in the product life cycle stage. Ansoffs Matrix: Ansoff matrix is a strategic planning tool, which helps the firm managing diversified strategies for the future growth (Kotler et al. 2010). The market development, market penetration, diversification and product development are the elements Ansoff Matrix. Thus, the Ansoff matrix could help Collette in managing the diversification of tourism packages to maintain its future sustainability. Link between Ansoff Matrix and Boston Matrix: Both these matrices have focused in diversification, which depicts that the product is not in the firms portfolio and the market is completely different to the firm. However, another similarity is that both the metrics indicate product development as a question mark and market penetration can be made successful by repositioning the product, which is termed as cash cows or dogs. Final similarity is that both consider market development could be made due to the different market preferences. Conclusion: In the present study, BCG matrix and product life cycle have been analysed. It has been identified that the customised pricing services are flourishing now a days. It has managed to attain the maximum customer attention from varied regions. Thus, evaluating the study, it could be inferred that the tourism industry has been fluctuating with huge margin. Hence, to maintain a sustainable momentum, within the region, the enterprise requires strategising effect on the marketing policy. References: Brown, G. (2007) Sponsor Hospitality At The Olympic Games: An Analysis Of The Implications For Tourism. International Journal of Tourism Research, 9, pp. 315327 Cooper, C. (2011)Essentials of tourism. Harlow, England: Pearson Financial Times/Prentice Hall Cuccia, T. and Cellini, R., (2007) Is Cultural Heritage Really Important for Tourists? A Contingent Rating Study, Applied Economics, 39, pp. 261-271 Davis, A. (2013)Promotional cultures: The rise and spread of advertising, public relations, marketing and branding. Oxford: Polity Press. Dodd, T., Yuan, J., Adams, C. and Kolyesnikova, N. (2006) Motivations of young people for visiting wine festivals, Event Management, 10 (1), pp. 23-33 Dwyer, L., Forsyth, P., and Spurr, R. (2006) Assessing the economic impacts of events: A computable general equilibrium approach, Journal of Travel Research, 45 (1), pp. 59-66 Gocollette.com, (2016). [online] Available at: https://www.gocollette.com/ [Accessed 19 Feb. 2016]. Hacking, J. and Campany, D. (2012)Photography: The whole story. London: Thames Hudson. Kotler, P. Bowen, J. T. and Makens, J. C. (2010) 5th Ed Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism Pearson Middleton, V, T, C. Fyall, A. and Morgan, M. with Ranchhod, A. (2009) 4th Ed Marketing in Travel and Tourism Elsevier Ltd Rogerson, C.M. and Rogerson, J.M. (2011) Tourism research within the Southern African Development Community: Production and consumption in academic journals, 20002010. Tourism Review International, 15, pp. 213-224. Schildt, H.A. and Mattsson, J.T. (2006) A dense network sub-grouping algorithm for co-citation analysis and its implementation in the software tool sit kis, Scientometrics, 67(1), pp. 143163 Schmidgall, R., Woods, R.H. and Hardigree, C. (2007) Hospitalitys most influential scholars: Fifteen years of citation analyses (19892004), Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education, 19(2), pp. 3243 Snyder, J. (2007). Tourism in the Polar regions. Paris, France: UNEP DTIE. Svensson, G., Svaeri, S. and Einarsen, K. (2009) Scientific identity of scholarly journals in hospitality and tourism research: Review and evaluation. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 28, pp. 631-634 Xiao, H. and Smith, S. L. J. (2006) The making of tourism research. Insights from a Social Sciences Journal on Annals of Tourism Research, 33(2), pp. 490-507.